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Headed back to work?  Another Zoom call got your attention?  Need to run a few errands?  Let us help you.  Taking your dog on daily dog walks provides your pooch a much needed opportunity to get exercise, a few belly rubs, personal attention and some much needed play time.  Exercise helps your pet feel less stress, reduces separation anxiety, and encourages positive socialization.


Here at City Sniffers Dallas, you won't see our dog walkers tied up with 12 dogs, leashes tangled and running a muck.  Instead, we provide a dog walking program that is customized to meet your dog’s specific exercise needs with one-on-one attention.


Dog walks are available 7 days a week from 7am - 10 pm and can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis. You'll get a window of time on our arrival so you'll have a heads up to when we're coming.

  • The Express Walk

    • 15 minute walk

    • $18 per walk​

    • perfect for older dogs, young pups, and dog’s that simply need a quick break during the day

  • The Standard Walk

    • 30 minute walk

    • $25 per walk​​

    • our best-value and most popular option. A great way to burn some energy in the middle of the day

  • The Extended Walk

    • 60 minute walk

    • $40 per walk

    • perfect for high-energy dogs who like to play and need lots of attention

** Prices include up to 2 pets per visit.  $5 fee per additional animal. **


Were you like millions of Americas who spent their Covid-19 quarantine time getting a new puppy?  Do you now have to go back to work now and you're wondering how they'll cope? Let us ease their separation anxiety with quick potty break and puppy care options available. 

We can also schedule quick playtime visits so your puppy can stretch their legs, get a drink or water or soak in some much needed love and cuddles.


Potty breaks are also great for senior dogs who just aren't able to hold it like they use to.  No matter the age of your pup, we'll make sure they get the potty training relief they need.

  • Pup-pee Relief Visit

    • 15 minute express potty break and play time

    • $18 per visit

    • does not include outdoor walk


Taking a quick trip to... well, no where right now.  But should you decide to escape the quarantine life, then give us a call.  City Sniffers Dallas offers professional overnight pet sitting for those who prefer to have more frequent human interaction beyond someone showing up to let your animal out and simply leaving again.  We're happier when we're in our own home and pets are too.  Let us be there when you can't.

  • The Overnighter

    • 7:00 pm to 7:00 am

    • $75 per night

    • includes (but not limited to):

      • all the love, tummy rubs and attention your pet can handle

      • fresh food, water and treats (you provide)

      • outdoor walks, playtime and exercise

      • cleaning and tidying up of pet area

      • removal of pet waste

** New:  DOG TRAINING **

A new pet is a fun and exciting experience.  They're cuddly, crave your attention and are insanely cute on your Instagram feed.​  But, your dog won't sit, they're going to the bathroom indoors and they don't seem to listen when you give any commands. That's where we come in and save the day.  A new service recently added to City Sniffers, owner Mallorie Hall personally comes to your home to help teach you the tips and tricks needed to improve communication, and overall happiness, between you and your pet.  Through positive reinforcement, you'll pet will be trained like a champ in no time.

  • Training 101

    • click the "Book Now" link to schedule a time

    • FREE (during this initial trial phase only)

    • training includes (but not limited to):

      • coming to you

      • sit

      • stay

      • shake

      • roll over

      • fetch

      • potty training

      • and more...


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